Saturday, May 28, 2005

Aussie Loses His Heir

From the (Victoria, Australia) Herald Sun:

Loner's $1m up for grabs

A $1.2 million fortune is up for grabs as a result of the death of a Brighton recluse.

State Trustees have been searching for months for beneficiaries to the estate of William Overall, 76, who died last June without making a will.

Mr Overall never married and had no children. And the man who is the missing link in his life -- his uncle Percy Marsh -- has not been heard of for 75 years.

Mr Marsh was believed to have once lived in Mr Overall's house in Dendy St, Brighton, but no records have been found of him since 1930.

Mr Marsh, who would be 103 if still alive, is the sole beneficiary.

If Mr Marsh is dead, his children would be entitled to a share of Mr Overall's estate.

But State Trustees genealogy services manager, Rob Skilbeck, said searches of death, marriage and birth records in every Australian state had failed to uncover any information about Mr Marsh.

State Trustees had also searched war records, migration registers, cemetery and obituary documents.


[Overall's] run-down weatherboard house sold at auction for $1.2 million in February.

Anyone with information about Mr Marsh is asked to phone State Trustees on 9667 6771.

[Read the whole story]
Note to self . . . invest in run-down Australian real estate.

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