Friday, May 20, 2005

Censuswhacking Index


Hi Chris,

I really enjoy your site. Thanks for the effort.

I tried Censuswhacking tonight for the first time...a virgin whacker, so to speak.

Found plenty of unique surnames and unique given names in 1860, 1870 and 1900 to 1920 census records on HQO, with head of household index.

Queen Victoria lived in VA in 1870,
Song Bird was in TN in 1910,
Tony Soprano was in Chicago in 1920,
Adolph Hitler was in NJ and CA in 1910,
Peter Great in FL in 1900,
Evil Blessing was in OH in 1900,
Roger E Turd was in TX in 1900,
Saint Pawl was in MS in 1870,
Clap Seaman in AL in 1920,
Fuzzy Dawdy in MI in 1910,
Harry Balls in IN in 1900,
Carmen San Diego, age 13, in PR in 1910, wonder where she went after that?

My favorite right now is Hyman Spanker in NY in 1900.

Now some of these are not "only surname" or "only given name" whacks, most are a unique combination, so I guess it's not perfect censuswhacking. I'll try to improve.

Cheers -- Randy in San Diego


As you've probably noticed, "unique combinations" are my favorite sort of Censuswhack. The Brits raised objections, but have come to accept that we Americans play by rules of our own.

You've done well for a virgin whacker--which, come to think of it, is a synonym for "Hyman Spanker."

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