Monday, May 30, 2005

Return of the Jedi GEDCOM

The good folks at German Roots have provided an updated genealogy of Luke Skywalker.

The Soundex Code for "Skywalker" is S426.

A search of the Social Security Administration's Popular Baby Names database shows that "Leia" was the 910th most popular name for girls born in 1978—the year after the original Star Wars movie was released. "Luke" has been rising in rank for decades. "Obi-wan" has never reached the top 1,000. asks "Is it possible 'The Force' may be in your bloodline as well?" Those anxious to find an online midi-chlorian-detection service will be disappointed to discover this is just a marketing ploy. Users can check to see if their surnames appear in the family trees of Star Wars actors, and then sign up for more info. The site promises only that you "might be related" to one of these actors—an important qualification, given that sharing a surname is no guarantee of common ancestry. (Those tempted by the offer of a 14-day free trial membership should be forewarned of the company's automatic renewal policy. Beware: the Empire grows stronger every day.)

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