Saturday, June 11, 2005

(Another) Aussie Loses His Heir

From ABC [Australian Broadcasting Corp.] Online:

George Francis Thompson - mystery man

Wednesday, 8 June 2005

Reporter: Paula Doran and Simon Wallace

If you're one of George Francis Thompson's descendants, then you could be in for a nice little payday.

Sue Macbeth is a forensic genealogist, and she's in search of one of George Francis Thompson's relatives - and the answers to some mysteries about his life.

"We know probably a reasonable amount from 1937 on, and very little from before 1937," Ms Macbeth says.


Ms Macbeth was hired by the trust company handling George's estate to track down any of his relatives; the company needs to know where to direct his almost-million-dollar estate.


The search will continue, Ms Macbeth says, until the mysterious Mr Thompson's descendants are found. If they can't be located - or if there are none - the money will ultimately go to the government. Given that it's nearly a million dollars, Ms Macbeth wants to find those descendants.

It's more than just the desire to see the money go where it belongs, though.

"I really need to find out who he was. I need to find people who recognise the photos and say 'that's my uncle' because I think there are people around who should be able to do that.


So, if you think that 'George Francis Thompson' - or whatever his real name was - is a relative of yours, what do you have to do to claim the money?

"Come up with similar photos and tell me some of the story that I'm not mentioning - some of the early stories. I'd love to know who lived in number 138."


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