Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dentist Denies Desecration

From The (Columbia, S. C.) State of June 1, 2005:

Woman files counterclaim in possible grave desecration case

Associated Press

CHARLESTON, S.C. - A woman who says a couple falsely accused her of bulldozing graves in one of Wadmalaw Island's oldest black cemeteries has filed a countersuit claiming libel and slander.

Olivia Palmer, a local dentist, is seeking $21 million in damages, claiming emotional distress and lost business after she says the couple lied to cover up grave desecration that occurred during their ownership.


Baker and his wife said they knew about a small graveyard on the property, but neighbors later told them that hundreds had been buried on the land, including some under their house. Their lawsuit claims the 3-acre property is now worthless and they are seeking unspecified damages.


Palmer claims at least one grave site was damaged after the couple purchased the property and brought in contractors with heavy equipment.


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Haven't these people ever seen the movie Poltergeist?

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