Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mayor Miffed at Miserable Mowing

From the Princeton (Ind.) Daily Clarion:

Unkempt yard owners on notice; cemeteries may be next
Posted: Monday, Jun 06, 2005 - 11:11:42 pm EST
Editor, the Daily Clarion

PRINCETON-Overgrown lawns are at an all-time high in Princeton, says the city's building commissioner.

Bill Lemmons told Princeton's Common Council Monday that three city departments are hopping to try to get people to mow their grass. A city ordinance calls for notices to owners of unkempt properties, and if there's no response, the city can mow the property and charge the owner for the work.

Lemmons appealed to the public to avoid getting a notice. "Please get off your TV chair and go out and mow your grass," he urged.

Mayor Bob Hurst suggested the city may want to consider including cemeteries in its ordinance, considering the calls he took about the condition of two local graveyards following the Memorial Day weekend. "If we don't do something, it's an issue that's just going to keep coming up every holiday."

City Attorney Jerry Stilwell said he believes cemetery owners can be held to the same standard as residential property owners. "I believe they can be given the same friendly notice: Get your place cleaned up," he said.


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Can eviction notices be far behind?

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