Sunday, June 12, 2005

New Ways to Enliven Your Gravesite

From the The Beaver County (Pa.) Times/Allegheny Times:

Memorable trends
April Johnston, Times Staff

The death industry hasn't changed much over the years. Most people get laid out and buried. It's solemn, it's simple, it's predictable.

Until now.


[W]ith the growing popularity of genealogy, [monument dealers] Steckman and Dioguardi are recommending their clients not only carve the years of their birth and death into their gravestone, but the day and month, too.


Enter Robert Barrows.

Barrows is a sculptor, television commercial producer, songwriter and author from San Mateo, Calif., who could soon add patent-holder to his resume.

He is in the process of patenting the "Video-Enhanced Grave Marker," a hollowed-out headstone that holds a computer chip and flat-screen TV, so people can record video messages before they die for loved ones and even strangers to watch - using remote controls and headsets - after they've passed. He estimates his invention would add $4,000 to the cost of a headstone.


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Putting days and months on gravestones? Now, that's nuts.

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