Monday, June 20, 2005

Rest in Peace (After a Cheek Swab)

From M & C News:

New service preserves DNA of deceased
By Steve Mitchell Jun 21, 2005, 1:53 GMT

WASHINGTON, DC, United States (UPI) -- Families can hang on to their departed loved one's DNA through a new profile preservation service offered to funeral homes by genetic-testing company Orchid Cellmark.

The company, based in Princeton, N.J., said the DNA information would be useful for medical, legal and genealogy issues.

"A record of an individual's DNA can provide a number of safeguards to families -- as a possible protection against future estate or lineage issues, as a way to trace family genealogy and identify ancestry, and so families may be able to track more detailed information about their medical history as technology advances," Orchid said in a statement.

Orchid's President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Paul J. Kelly told United Press International the service was launched "in response to a lot of research we've done with the funeral industry" indicating there is a heavy demand for this type of product.

Bob Vandenbergh, past president of the National Funeral Directors Association, told UPI that demand may increase in the future, but in his experience almost no clients are requesting the service.


The procedure involves taking a cheek swab to obtain a sample of the deceased's DNA, which then is preserved on Orchid's trademarked Heritage card, a long-term storage device. The family also receives a written profile of the person's DNA.


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I suppose it's better than what they did to Ted Williams.

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