Wednesday, June 22, 2005

They Always Seemed Like Such Nice Folks

From The Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal of June 22, 2005:

Residents used to questions about roads with Hitler in name


Associated Press

CIRCLEVILLE, Ohio - When he refers to his street address, Larry Harris always waits for the pause.

"Bitler?" people sometimes respond, thinking they've misunderstood.

No, the name begins with an H.

"Like Adolf," Harris says. "But he doesn't live in our neighborhood."

His wife said she often ends up spelling it out: H-I-T-L-E-R.

Otherwise, they're hardly bothered by their association with the Nazi dictator of World War II. After about 30 years here, the Harrises said they're accustomed to strange looks and questions. Their neighbors are, too.

Long before Adolf came to power in Germany, the Pickaway County Hitlers were well-known farmers in Circleville, where three rural roads are named for them: Hitler No. 1 Road, Hitler No. 2 Road and Huber-Hitler Road.


Down the lane from [Idabelle White's] home, several Hitlers are buried at the Hitler-Ludwig Cemetery. The cemetery caretaker said he also fields his share of questions - and pranks.

"I get some weird calls on the answering machine," said Duane Howard, as he walked among tombstones on Hitler graves from as early as the 1800s.


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