Tuesday, July 12, 2005

1885 Log Home Available. Low Mileage.

From The Grand Forks (N. D.) Herald of July 5, 2005:

Ancestral log home needs a new home

THOMPSON, N.D. - Wanted: A home for their ancestral home, a log house built in 1885.

That's the goal of Grover Drengson and other descendants of Torgrim Drengson Rike, a Norwegian immigrant who built the log house in Americus Township, located about halfway between Thompson and Reynolds.

"We need to save it for future generations," said Drengson, a California resident in the area recently for a family reunion. "Children usually don't have that much interest in their ancestors and heritage. But if they can visually see how their great-great-grandparents lived, it does have an imprint."


The two-story log house sits on its original site because of the good graces of the property owner. But if the lot is sold for a new home, the log house needs to go. So there is some urgency.

It hasn't been occupied since 1951 except by pigeons and swallows, but it remains sturdy enough to be moved.


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