Saturday, July 23, 2005

Brits Encourage Their Dead to Stay Close to Home


'Outsiders' may be buried - at twice the price

Jul 21 2005

By Ben Clover, The Post

GRAVES in Merton could be available to people living outside the borough if council plans go ahead.

Merton hopes to raise up to £50,000 a year from the increase in prices at cemeteries in London Road, Mitcham, and Gap Road, Wimbledon.

Currently only Merton residents can be buried in the graveyards.

The council plan is to charge double for outsiders.


The report also said the take up for graves in the council-run cemeteries was low enough that outsiders could be fitted in.


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This is a good start. As a genealogist, I would support a federal law that all Americans be buried within five miles of their homes, and that their graves be arranged in alphabetical order.

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