Sunday, July 24, 2005

Bureaucracy Results in Sex Change

From The New Hampshire Union Leader of July 24, 2005:

A gender-bending clerical error

Union Leader Staff

Before you get the wrong idea, you should know that my friends, Tonya Angwin and Steve Houle, are thoughtful, liberal, progressive people who are more than willing to thumb their noses at the establishment.

That having been said, until recently, they had no idea that their marriage may go down in history as the first same-sex union in New Hampshire.

"And we got it 10 years ago before it was in vogue," Tonya said.

The only hitch?

They're not the same sex.

See, Tonya is a woman and Steve is a man, but in the recently opened eyes of a long-slumbering bureaucracy, Steve's gender has suddenly been called into question.

It started innocently enough.

"We went to City Hall to get new birth certificates for travel purposes," Tonya explained. "Mine went fine, but the clerks were laughing at Steve's. His original birth certificate lists him as female. While they seemed to believe that he is, indeed, a male, they couldn't issue the new copy of the birth certificate saying he is a male."

Tonya suggested a rather obvious means of proof.

"I don't think they were amused," she said.


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