Saturday, July 16, 2005

Even More Censuswhacking

It's time for yet more censuswhacking. This time, I'll focus on strange and unique name-combinations in the 1880 U.S. census.

I started by trolling for Hairy Trout in Pennsylvania, and Happy Bass in Illinois.

I found a Dusty Pope in North Carolina, and a Happy Monk in New York.

There was a Lazy Tumbling in Virginia, and a Plesent Rolling in North Carolina. (There was also a Virgin Rolling reported in Virginia, and a Christian Rolling in New Orleans—surely scandalous at the time.)

There was a Red Neck in California, a Red Chest in Mississippi, and a Red Cross in Georgia.

Pink Floyd lived in Alabama, as did Pink Crump (this one best if read aloud).

Finally, one is compelled to ask why a couple would name their daughter Pig Slaughter, or Hog Pye.

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