Saturday, July 30, 2005

Family Remembers Man At the End of His Rope

From The (Georgetown, Ohio) News-Democrat of July 27, 2005:

Gravestone donated to the last man hanged

by Wade Linville
Staff Writer

ABERDEEN — William "Billy" Paul, a Huntington Township man that was hanged over a century ago for the killing of his father-in-law, Joseph Yockey, has finally received a gravestone.

Since April 29, 1896, the day Paul climbed the scaffold where he took his last breath, he has been without a gravestone. Surviving family members felt a gravestone may not have been placed to mark his final resting place because of immediate family who may have been ashamed of the accusations that garnered Paul a death sentence.


"Regardless of whether he's guilty or not, the family still felt giving him a gravestone was the right thing to do," said [great-nephew] Bill Paul.


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