Thursday, July 28, 2005


The prospect that Wikipedia will delete its entry for Censuswhacking because it is a neologism has prompted me to think up some other genealogical neologisms—call them "genealogisms," and let that be the first—which, with any luck, will be banned as well someday.

  • Charlemagnia - A condition suffered by those who expect all their ancestral lines to end in royalty.
  • Deshamification - Destroying or concealing evidence of an ancestor's disgraceful behavior, such as membership in the Hitler Youth, participation in "midget tossing," or voting for Warren G. Harding.
  • Fumblineage - One's descent from a series of ancestors, each of whom was conceived on his parents' wedding night.
  • Haleytosis - An unfortunate reliance on oral tradition when compiling one's family history.
  • Incestors - Married ancestors so closely related that their union would now be illegal.
  • Kleptonamiac - One who steals names from another's genealogy database to add to his own.
  • Nepotaph - A memorial inscription carved into the gravestone of another, more prominent member of the family.
  • Polygameetup - A reunion for certain families in Utah.
  • Pyroblamia - The propensity of town and county clerks to blame the lack of records related to one's ancestors on a mythical conflagration.
  • Thanatopology - The study and mapping of burial places. Most often practiced by genealogists and serial killers.

Jill Ball

These words are fantastic. Hoping it's ok to add them to the Geneadictionary.

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