Saturday, July 30, 2005

Genealogist Seeks Vital Record

From the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times:

Genealogical project needs unusual record

By LINDA D. COLE and INGRID L. KOHLER, Times Staff Writers
Published July 30, 2005

When Sherri started out her e-mail to us by saying that she was making an odd request, the staff just had to smile. "Odd" is a relative term in Exchange Land, particularly in this case: Sherri's question is all about her relatives. Actually, hers isn't the first genealogical question we have received. We don't know how the others worked out, but let's give Sherri's a whirl.


Apparently when Sherri looks for historical records, she doesn't mean just the boring paper variety: She means the VINYL kind. Specifically, she needs a recording no longer being made; it's titled Swamp Country by Jimmy Walker, on Swamper Records, and it tells the story of Obediah Barber, one of Sherri's ancestors.


[Read the whole story]
I wonder if her father was A Boy Named Sue.

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