Tuesday, July 19, 2005

If I Could Save Time in a Mason Jar

From The (Greenville, Mich.) Daily News of July 19, 2005:

Jar contains 100 years of memories

By Marc Rehmann - Daily News intern

GREENVILLE -- Nels Hansen likes cake, history and his family.

Ironically enough, in the palm of his hand he can hold something significant to all three.

On a stand in the bedroom of his Greenville home, Hansen has an 1858 Mason jar filled with pieces of cake, candy and a cigar from the 50th anniversary of his great-great-grandparents, Richard and Elizabeth Boyd of Orleans Township. They were married July 5, 1855, and their golden anniversary was celebrated in 1905.

"I feel kind of lucky to have this," Hansen said. "It's kind of like a piece from a puzzle. It's a missing link to my family's history."


Both the candy and cigars appear to be homemade. Despite being 100 years old, they have remained in good shape.


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Word to the wise: Do not eat the candy.

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