Saturday, July 23, 2005

Man Buries Great-Great-Grandfather for $10

From the Littleton (Mass.) Independent:

Restitution comes late for burial costs

Thursday, July 21, 2005

File this under "all in a day's work."

Town Treasurer Don Armstrong reports that last week a man from Connecticut was researching his family tree in the Littleton Historic Society building on King Street, and uncovered the fact that the town paid for the burial of his great-great grandfather in West Lawn Cemetery.

"The guy had been studying the genealogy and found a town report from 1889 listing the burial fee paid by the town," said Armstrong. "He came in and wanted to know how to pay the debt."

Armstrong sent him to Walter Higgins, manager of the cemetery. Higgins took $10 off the man, and he and Armstrong drew up an official letter on town letterhead and an official envelope indicating that the debt had been repaid.


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