Thursday, July 28, 2005

Rapper Embraces Jewish Ancestry


Science Tells TJ: 'I Am A Jew'

by Zeddy Lawrence - Thursday 28th of July 2005

After eight weeks of speculation, TJ can finally answer the question on every Big Brother fan’s lips, is Science Jewish?

The 22-year-old rapper, who was evicted from the Big Brother house last weekend, sparked a furious debate among viewers on day two of the gameshow when he described himself as “a black Jew” and revealed he’d been circumcised.

[snip (ouch!)]

Speaking to TJ yesterday, the musician from Leeds, admitted: “Religiously I wasn’t born like Jewish. I’m not a part of no Jewish church or stuff like that.”

But he added: “I am a black Jew in terms of my ancestry. There’s a lot of mystery about my ancestry, who I am and where I originally come from. But a lot of people in Ethiopia are Jewish.”


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