Monday, July 18, 2005

Washington's Hair Out of Place

From the Lexington (Ky.) Herald-Leader:

Heir to hair wants $750,000 for Washington locks


By Amy Wilson


BOONEVILLE - Christa Allen has a hank of George Washington's hair. Well, not exactly a hank. Two hairs secured under glass in a pocket watch. Two more hairs are in an envelope.

She has always known they were from Washington's head because her father, William Allen, said so. The former Philadelphia lawyer also said he had the proof. Only he was a pack rat who didn't much believe in safety deposit boxes. So he hid things in his old suburban Philadelphia house. Then he forgot where they were.


It all started sometime in late 2000, when her father, in failing health, handed her the watch with the hair (along with a Revolutionary War map and an antique land deed) and told her to search the house for what he knows are two pieces of proper documentation to establish the hair's pedigree.

For the first, he advised, look in the "far left-hand corner of the house attic in a small cardboard box with various other papers." The second document, he assured her, "is located somewhere inside the house."


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