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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Another Monumental Discovery

From the Medford (N. J.) Central Record:

Grave marker unearthed in backyard

by Nick DiUlio

TABERNACLE - It would have been nice if it had been an ancient chest full of gold, but Howard Lincoln got a charge nonetheless when he realized he had stumbled upon a tombstone buried [in] his backyard last week while digging a path between his house and above-ground pool.

"When I first hit it I went inside and said to my wife, 'I uncovered a goldmine.' She said, 'Your last name is Lincoln. It might be a landmine.' So I didn't have any idea what it was at all," said Lincoln. "When I saw that it was a gravestone I just got chills. You get excited, you're in wonder - all kinds of expressions and emotions."


[Read the whole story]

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