Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Arresting Drama at Family Reunion

From The (Centralia, Wash.) Chronicle of Aug. 27, 2005:

Rags to riches

By Julia Nicholls

A half-wrapped mummy, a police officer and camcorder-bearing tourists may have confused Centralia drivers last Sunday.

Dwight Milne, Vancouver, Wash., rushed down Centralia’s Main Street with his head encircled in gauze and topped with a cap. Behind him trailed Dan Kolhoff, Los Angeles, wearing jeans, Birkenstocks and a Centralia Police Department jacket.
About 20 people followed in church-like attire.

The group ranged from a toddler in a stroller to a 92-year-old woman with paper-white hair.

The parade was not a cult nor a costume party, but a family reunion — with a historical twist.

The relatives had come from all over the West Coast to reenact one of the most pivotal moments in their family history: the capture of Roy Gardner, played by Milne, by Officer Louis Sonney, played by his great-grandson, Kolhoff.

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