Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Could Snoop Dogg Be Next?

From The (London, U. K.) Times of Aug. 24, 2005:

Dog days over as villagers recover their lost respect

From Jane Macartney in Beijing

AFTER a thousand years, the ridicule and barking provoked by the mention of their surname finally proved too much for families from a village in central China. They won permission this month to change their name legally from Gou, a word that means "humble" but is pronounced the same as "dog".


Police chief Guo [Junchao] defended his decision against scholars who disapproved of the name change — an unusual move in a society where tradition is to revere ancestors and to ensure the transmission of the family name. He said: "I think these people don't understand the feelings of the villagers. They would know better if their name was Gou."

[Read the whole story]

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