Friday, August 19, 2005

A Crypto-Jew, Born and Bread

From the El Paso (Tex.) Times of Aug. 19, 2005:

Families unearth truth about Jewish roots

Leonard Martinez
El Paso Times

After learning her family's history of being crypto-Jews, Guadalupe Ramos made the decision to formally convert to Judaism in 2001.


Crypto-Jews, originally called Marranos, are the descendants of the hundreds of thousands of Sephardic Jews who were forced to convert to Christianity and ultimately expelled from Spain and Portugal during the Spanish Inquisition 500 years ago. Many were tortured or killed.


Ramos realized the connection she had to Judaism because she would make matzo -- Jewish unleavened bread -- just as her great-grandmother had done.

"I didn't meet my great-grandmother, and I didn't know why but I was making this bread," Ramos said. "Now I realize it is because we were crypto-Jews."


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