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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Dairy Farm's Bid to Bring History Alive (or, Sh*t Happens)

From The (Cleveland, Ohio) Plain Dealer:

Foes fight big farm near historic black settlement

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Associated Press

Palestine, Ohio - Opponents of large livestock farms usually try to block the projects by claiming they will pollute, threaten the health of nearby residents and reduce property values.

But a proposed dairy farm near this tiny western Ohio village has produced a new argument - one of history.

A 2,000-head dairy farm many soon land right next to one of Ohio's first black pioneer settlements, which is being preserved and restored.


Roane Smothers, whose ancestors helped settle Longtown, is worried that the smell from a nearby dairy would drive away tourists and hinder fund-raising to restore the settlement.


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Granted, tourists will be put off by the smell, but didn't the original settlers ride horses, raise cattle, and shovel this stuff off the streets? They should call it "period ambience," and charge extra for admission.

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