Saturday, August 27, 2005

An Errant Stone Gathers No Slime

From The Barre-Montpelier (Vt.) Times Argus:

Submerged tombstone a recent mystery in Barre

August 27, 2005

By Joshua Larkin Times Argus Staff

BARRE – Eleven-year-old Tory Stoltz plays along the brook that runs behind her Eastern Avenue home regularly. That's why she knows the World War II veteran's gravestone that appeared in the brook this week hadn't been there long.

"I was just looking around in here and I just saw it," Stoltz said while standing next to the brook. "And I haven't seen it here before."

Moreover, Stoltz said there was another reason why she knew the stone was a new addition to the brook: "It wasn't too slimy, it was just wet."


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