Sunday, August 21, 2005

Family Honors Relative Out of Spite

From The (Big Stone Gap, Va.) Post:

Two-headstone grave idea causes concern

By JEFF LESTER, Senior Writer
August 17, 2005

BIG STONE GAP - Owners of burial lots in the Glencoe cemetery can't put headstones at the head and the foot of a grave.

Or can they?


Freda Bishop, chairman of the town's Citizens' Cemeteries Committee, said one group of people proposes to mark a particular grave with headstones at both ends. It's part of a family feud, she said.

Councilman and committee secretary Edward Hutchinson and others said apparently, the aim is to place a headstone at the foot of the grave specifically to block the view of the headstone for the grave below it, as an act of spite within the feud.


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