Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Genealogical Logic Problem

From the Rochdale (U.K.) Observer of Aug. 30, 2005:

Parish Church goes off record after licence gap

HISTORICAL detectives in Rochdale are being forced to shell out for a full family tree because 50 years of marriage licences have been misplaced.

Records of marriages at the Parish Church between 1898 and the 1950s, are not held at the church, the Local Studies library nor Manchester Central Library.

The only place with a full record is Rochdale Register Office, which charges £7 for a copy.


Donald Foster, deputy registrar at Rochdale Register Office, said: “The church has two registers running at the same time, one for them to keep and one they send to us.


But the Rev David Foss, Vicar of Rochdale, said they only compile one list, which they send to Manchester Central Library when complete.


A Manchester City Council spokeswoman said: “We hold marriage records for the church of Rochdale St Chad’s from 1582 to 1898 [at the Manchester Central Library].”

“No other marriage records have been deposited by the church.”


A spokeswoman from Touchstones Local Studies Library said: “We’ve had Manchester Library phone us asking for the marriage records, but we get ours from the library themselves. We only have records up to 1898.”

[Read the whole story]
If only one of these people is lying, where are the missing marriage records? (30-minute time limit)

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