Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Genus Envy

From the Tri-Valley (Ariz.) Dispatch of Aug. 23, 2005:

Historical reunions descend into madness

Mark Bazer, Tribune Media Services

August 23, 2005

From time to time, you'll hear about how the descendants of one of America's Founding Fathers are holding a reunion. I've always been puzzled as to what goes on at these get-togethers. I suppose today's Adamses, Madisons and Jeffersons just shoot the breeze, maybe compare passed-down anecdotes, and then wind things up by reflecting on how far the family name has fallen.

Still, I must cop to feeling a tad jealous of these folks, with their distinguished lineages and automatic entry into such exclusive gatherings. The most I can ever hope for is a meeting of all the descendants of people who complained in 1922 about the quality of the cantaloupe at Murray's Fruit Stand.


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