Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Graveyard Visit Leaves Woman With Sinking Feeling

From Edinburgh (Scotland) Evening News of Aug. 17, 2005:

Cemetery's unsafe headstones are toppled


COUNCIL workers have toppled gravestones at a city cemetery after leaving problems with sinking graves neglected for several months.


Denise Dickson was distraught when she discovered that the grave of her parents, Margaret and Matthew Fry, had been knocked down.


Ms Dickson had become so concerned about the grave caving in that she had taken to refilling it herself, as well as complaining to the council.

She said the problem grew so bad that "I felt like I was above a big hole and I was going to disappear any minute and land with my mum and dad."


[Read the whole story]
Only a pessimist would say these graves are sinking; an optimist would say the dead are rising.

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