Monday, August 01, 2005

Hall of Famer Descended from Man Who Didn't Invent Baseball

From The Tampa (Fla.) Tribune:

Wade Shares This Moment With Many

Published: Aug 1, 2005

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. - Some came out of friendship, while others had a sense of duty. They had promised, as much to themselves as to Wade Boggs, that they would be there if this day ever came -- his day to be enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

That day was Sunday.


"Wade is a direct descendent of Abner Doubleday," [his sister Ann Ashton] said. "My grandmother's niece did the research on the family genealogy, and when Miss Hattie -- our mother's mother -- found out that Wade is a direct descendent of Abner Doubleday, she told everybody in Tampa, Fla., that she knew why Wade was able to play baseball."


[Read the whole story]
For details of how Abner Doubleday did not invent the game of baseball, see BTW, Wade, I'll never forgive you for signing with the Yankees.

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