Thursday, August 11, 2005

Pallbearers' Personal Property Purloined?

From Bedford (England) Today of Aug. 10, 2005:

Car thieves target town's cemeteries

Police warning to those tending graves

Ghoulish thieves behind a spate of car break-ins at Bedford cemeteries were slammed as "the lowest of the low" this week.

Visitors to the Foster Hill Road and Norse Road graveyards have fallen victim to a spree of vehicle crime over the last fortnight, with handbags and other valuables stolen.


[Borough councillor Bob Elford] said: "It's disgusting. How low will they stoop? We don't know if it's one person or more involved, but they must be an absolute shower.

"To steal from people who are tending graves shows they are the lowest of the low."


[Read the whole story]
I appreciate the sentiment, but think the London bombers deserve more the label "lowest of the low."

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