Thursday, August 18, 2005

Porcupines Seek to Undermine Culture

From BBC News- World Edition of Aug. 18, 2005:

Porcupines raise thorny questions in Kenya

Porcupines are wreaking havoc with Kenyan farmers' crops and upsetting the ancestors, but not everyone is complaining.

Residents of Kenya's central Kiambu district are calling on the government and the Kenya Wildlife Service to do more to contain the invasion by the porcupines, or "nungunungu" as they are called in Swahili.


They have started burrowing in local graveyards and as they dig holes to live in, they are also exhuming human remains, causing great distress.

"The porcupines are against our culture - once someone dies we just want them to rest peacefully," one man said.


[Read the whole story]

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