Friday, August 26, 2005

Posted By Red-Hot, Churlish Ape-Men

If you ever get tired of slogging through the names in your family tree, you might take a break and visit Anagram Genius. Plug in a name, and a scrambled version is rendered. You might gain new insights into your family.

In my own case, I discovered that my father is either "Humbling or talented," while my mother is a "Humane, drab Arab." Concealed in my late grandmother's name is the message "I am the prime and mean ill will," but I don't remember her as such.

One wonders about the webmaster's political leanings. "George Bush" becomes "He bugs Gore," while "George Walker Bush" returns "Blush, war geek ogre." The current president's father was evidently a "Huge berserk rebel warthog." Ronald Reagan gloats from beyond the grave: "No, darlings, no ERA law." Richard Milhouse Nixon and William Jefferson Clinton should have seen their names as warnings: "His climax - ruined honor!" and "Jilts nice women. In for fall."

Use the search box at lower left to view archived user-submitted anagrams of famous names. Or download a free trial of the software and make your own. Only then will you learn whether Pat Robertson (born Marion Gordon Robertson) is a "rant-sore brooding moron."

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