Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It

From Style Weekly in Richmond, Virginia:

Graveyard Detectives

When developers stumble onto unmarked cemeteries, historians help put a host of questions to rest.

by Katie T. Gantt
August 10, 2005

A building surge in Chesterfield County is turning up an increasing problem for landowners and developers: the discovery of unmarked family and church graveyards.


In Chesterfield, the county routes most of its calls from developers seeking assistance with unmarked graveyards to Rachel Lipowicz. She’s the cemetery committee chairwoman of the Chesterfield Historical Society, and she and her five-person team stand ready to respond.


. . . some graves are tampered with before Lipowicz or [team member Pattie] Grady ever gets to them. “We had one within the past five years where some young people dug up some of the bones and ground them and smoked them in a pipe,” Grady says. (They were eventually arrested and prosecuted.)


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