Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Stone-Cold Case in Toledo

From the Toledo (Ohio) Blade of Aug. 24, 2005:


Police seek clues to marker's home


It's a case of a missing person.

But all Toledo police have to work with in this caper is a gravestone carved with "Conard Yahn 1876-1898."

"If only it could talk. We could take it home," property room Sgt. Jerry Heer said yesterday as he turned the approximately 80-pound marker over to expose a few grass stains on the bottom.

The modest, unweathered stone was found July 22 in an alley behind 124 West Park St. in North Toledo. The marker - which police believe is made of granite and has a more modern polished face - is being kept in the large-item storage area in the old alarm building on Erie Street downtown.


An oddity the marker is. Most items found by police are more practical - safes, bicycles, lawn mowers, license plates, and basketball hoops. Some have serial numbers to help track the owners.

"It's not often property has a person's name on it," Sergeant Heer said.


[Read the whole story]

Update (Aug. 27, 2005): Mystery solved.

Update (Sept. 10, 2005): Marker laid to rest.

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