Friday, August 05, 2005

This Day in Pilgrim History: August 5, 1620

The ships Mayflower and Speedwell finally set sail from Southampton, England, this day in 1620, but not without controversy.

Several of the Pilgrim families had brought aboard all their furniture, books, dishes, and silverware—so much, in fact, that one of every two homes now standing in New England is equipped with some item that "came over in the Mayflower."

Also troublesome were the families who had hidden themselves onboard, hoping to "cash in" on the Pilgrims' glory. Among them were George and Lucinda Carr, whose presence on the Mayflower was unrecognized until genealogists fabricated evidence to prove it. The author's own ancestor, John Dunham, has been identified with Mayflower passenger "John Goodman"—an identification far more convincing if Dunham had not outlived Goodman by 45 years.

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