Sunday, August 28, 2005

Village of the Damned Weird Names

From The (Bangkok, Thailand) Nation:

The Name Game

Published on August 27, 2005

Shunning the auspicious name he was born with, a devout Buddhist of the Asoke sect has changed his name to Tai-Nae Mungmajon (Dead-for-Sure In-Search-of-Poverty) as a repudiation of this worldly life. “I am not being sarcastic,” the 28-year-old former leftist student said.


“More than 90 per cent of residents in this village have changed their names,” Tai-Nae said.

If Tai-Nae is not weird enough, then there are other strange names too such as Kon-Hin (Piece-of-Stone), Kla-Tai (Dare-to-Die), Yen-Yen (Cool-Down) and Palang-Jit (Psychic-Power).


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