Saturday, August 27, 2005

Warning to Genealogists: Don't Flush

From The (Provo, Utah) Daily Herald of Aug. 27, 2005:

Sewer backs up into 15 homes

Rashae Ophus Johnson DAILY HERALD

Friday morning wasn't the first time Paul Dalebout discovered a foot of raw sewage in the basement of his Timpview Drive home, but it was no less horrifying the second time. He screamed.

"It was just gushing up out of the toilet like a geyser," Dalebout said.


As firefighters walked door-to-door notifying residents and asking them to avoid flushing, the Dalebouts recounted the roughly $6,000 worth of losses from their first disaster. That time, at Provo city's expense, restoration contractors tore out the flooring, replaced drywall around the lower perimeter and cleaned any salvageable items, but genealogy records, family photos and other priceless belongings were destroyed.


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