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Thursday, August 04, 2005

When Life Imitates 1960s Sci-Fi Cartoons

From the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times:

A real character

Unhappy with the surname she was born with, Judi went looking for a new one. What she found is out of this world.

Published August 4, 2005

TAMPA - She doesn't drive a spaceship, although she really believed that, by now, we all would.


[Judi Jetson's] second marriage had unraveled. She wanted a new last name.

"And," Jetson said, "I sure as hell didn't want Crum," her maiden name.


So Jetson asked her genealogist sister to send her the family tree. She thought if she chose a family name, it would have some validity.

The pickings, Jetson said, weren't any better than Crum.

"I wish I had the list," she said. "If you saw it, you'd know why I didn't pick any of them. . . . All these boring, ancient names."

Like Gallimore. Smith. Skinner. And Moses.


[Read the whole story]

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