Friday, August 12, 2005

Yet More Censuswhacking

Time again for censuswhacking, the best thing to come out of England since Monty Python disbanded.

One hopes that Cupid Handsome later brought together Constant Beauty and Ima Lovely, and that the bride chose to hyphenate.

The dangers of adopting a husband's surname were evidently not foreseen by Zany Dummy or Tiny Head.

Curiously, there was just one Manly Beard to be seen in America, though a Girly Beard did turn up in Clinton, Indiana. Manly Work could only be found in Massachusetts.

Speaking of work, I found a Silly Baker, a Silly Cooper, a Silly Miller, a Silly Mason, and one whole Silly Crew living in Mississippi.

In the course of my travels, I encountered Strange Winters in Indiana and Bright Springs in South Carolina; Minor Summers in Tennessee and Major Falls in Arkansas.

I found no evidence of May-December romances, but did find a May January, a June February, and an August October.

There was a Turkey Hurt in Pleasant Grove, Virginia. No word on the culprit, but I suspect the Chicken Barber then living in Midway, Alabama.

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