Wednesday, September 07, 2005

80% of Genealogy is Showing Up

From the (Northam, Australia) Avon Valley Advertiser:

Aborigines afraid of the truth – Goodacre

Thursday, 8 September 2005

FORMER Northam resident Jan Goodacre has strongly defended her integrity in her 35 years' genealogical work on Western Australian Aboriginal family trees.

Since her extensive data base was sold to the State Government for $300,000 Aboriginal groups and individuals have been claiming that their privacy has been violated and that family materials lent to her have not been returned.

Mrs Goodacre says there is a hidden agenda behind these claims and that some Aboriginal groups and individuals are afraid of governments finding the truth about their genealogy.

"Aboriginal people fear what the truth will do to their native title claims," she said.

"They are afraid of who will have access.

"But everything I have is on the public record.

"If anyone else got off their backside they could do the same as I did."


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