Sunday, September 11, 2005

Censuswhacking in England is allowing free access to the 1901 U. K. Census for the month of September, allowing me to try some censuswhacking "U. K.-style" (much like the American version, except done with a British accent). The links below will work only until the end of September for non-members.

I was excited to Even Cross the Atlantic. I am not one of those Americans who finds all things Royal Strange. Would Victoria B. Home? No, she had died in January of 1901. How would the Brits Ever Cope without their beloved monarch?

I arrived at the home of my Curly Cousins—so named because of their Curly Long hair—and marveled at their Lovely Hall. They showed me to my room in the stable. It was not the most comfortable lodging in London, but I was grateful for Every Straw.

The most curious part of my trip was having tea with the family. They had a Good Butler who, whenever he served Tea, Rose to his tiptoes. He would then totter across the floor, Wince, Crouch on the floor, and leap into my lap. Occasionally, he would Even Loosen my tie. Now that's Real Service!

There was something about the British that made me feel Less White. I understand that Even Short visits to Britain can produce the same effect in the whitest of Americans. Ah, well. So long as I have my memories of England, there is nothing I will Ever Lack.

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