Friday, September 09, 2005

Coming Soon: Everything You Ever Wanted

The folks at FamilySearch have begun digitizing their entire microfilm catalog—more than 2.3 million rolls of microfilm—in a project called ScanStone. And they're not doing it with your standard microfilm scanner.

At the 5th Annual Workshop on Technology for Family History and Genealogical Research, held last March at Brigham Young University, Heath Nielson gave a talk on "Digital Microfilm Frame Detection," which describes some of the technological challenges involved (available here as a PDF file).

You can read more on ScanStone, and other developments at FamilySearch, in Kimberly Powell's article at About Genealogy: A New Face for FamilySearch. (And, yes, Kimberly. I am as excited as your are.)

Update (Sept. 10, 2005): Learn more about the ScanStone project in The (Provo, Utah) Daily Herald.

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