Monday, September 26, 2005

Genealogue Obituary: The Cone of Silence Descends for Maxwell Smart

Former CONTROL agent Maxwell Smart died today. He was born in Washington, D. C., in 1930.

Smart served in the U. S. Army during the Korean War, and attained the rank of corporal. Drafted out of college into CONTROL, Smart went on to become the secret agency's top spy—despite several notorious blunders and his marriage to a fellow spy, known to him only as "Agent 99."

The couple's days of undercover snooping were cut short when Agent 99 was "outed" by columnist Robert Novak in 1982.

Smart's death reportedly occurred when he mistakenly dialed 117 on his new "cell-phone gun." Mortally wounded, he then pressed "redial" and killed his former CONTROL supervisor, with whom he was having lunch. His last words, written down by paramedics, were "Sorry about that, Chief."

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