Thursday, September 08, 2005

General Genealogist Generosity

Seen on craigslist:

For all Katrina survivors ..... As a family historian and amateur photo restorer I would like to restore your old or damaged photos at no cost to you.

Please contact me about sending a photocopy or CD or scanned and emailed copy of your rescued photos and documents (Diplomas, Marriage Certs, Birth and Death Certs) Please do not send originals that could be lost in the mail.

God bless the survivors of Katrina. My prayers are with you.

R. Briggs

From AOL Genealogy Community News:
Help Hurricane Victims Recover Their Genealogy Research

We all know what a chore it is to find answers, locate records. Have you thought about all of the genealogists in the path of Katrina that fled their homes, leaving their computers and their data behind? Not today, but someday, they will be in a position to return to their genealogy, and have no idea where to start. A group has just been started to help. Please join!

Group email:
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