Thursday, September 08, 2005

If These Walls Could Just Shut Up

From The (Oil City, Pa.) Derrick of Sept. 5, 2005:

Walls, drawers, the attic - they all talk in this historic home


WEST HICKORY - It's much more than the walls telling old stories at the West Hickory home of Frank and Judy Habjanetz.


The home stayed in the care of Siggins family descendants until the early 1990s when the Habjanetz family, formerly of Upper St. Clair, went looking for a hunting camp.

The structure had become a living time capsule and a testament to a lineage unwilling to part with family heirlooms, including French china, diaries, original family paintings - even linens and family photographs.


The Pittsburgh-area couple agreed to be stewards of the family legacy, and the former owner left a simple note next to a rolled-up sheet of paper when he left: "I have turned the outside spigot off. Inside this tube is the Siggins family tree. Hope you have a good winter. Jerry."

"It's been a strange, bizarre thing to be left with this kind of legacy," Judy Habjanetz said. "It's just been a lifetime treat that I never would have expected to have."


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