Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'm Looking for Something Closer to Epcot...

From the Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel:

Orlando's newest land rush: Plots in cemetery

At Greenwood, 1 of only 2 graveyards in the city, family-size space has been scarce.

Mark Schlueb | Sentinel Staff Writer
Posted September 26, 2005

For Sale: Hot property in downtown gated community. Very quiet neighbors. Lot size: 4 feet by 9 feet. (Headstone not included.)

The land rush downtown isn't confined to cramped high-rise condos and pricey bungalows anymore. Orlando's historic Greenwood Cemetery is about to become the hot new property, with the first new section opening since 1989.


Simply by word of mouth, callers have learned about the opening and reserved more than 100 of the 220 plots in the first section. Most buyers are reserving four or more plots. At least a half-dozen plan to exhume loved ones from single plots and move them into the new section so they can be together again -- eventually, anyway.

"There's going to be a lot of jockeying going on," cemetery sexton Don Price said.


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