Friday, September 09, 2005

Mom, This is Boring. . . Can I Watch Cartoons?


This Grave Brought To You By...

Jason Lee Miller | Staff Writer | 2005-09-09

Here's a nice formula: Technology + Creativity=I Have No Idea What To Make Of That. A Miami man has invented a video headstone to help extend the commemoration of the dearly departed.

I can see it now.

"Grandpa: Sponsored in part by Jack Daniels and Ben Gay. Thanks for the Memories."

The Vidstone Serenity Panel, the brainchild of Floridian inventor and entrepreneur Sergio Aguirre, is a tombstone equipped with a solar panel powered weather resistant LCD screen designed to play a 10-minute video dedication to the deceased.

With a $1500 price tag, visitors can enjoy the presentation at the rate of $100 a year. It has a shelf life of about 15 years (or until the warranty runs out, sometime between one and ten years).


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