Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Mother's Always To Blame

From the Loudoun (Va.) Times-Mirror:

Sisters to reunite after 57 years

By Shannon Sollinger

Julie Rogers gave her mother, Christa Ferguson, a birthday present in January 2002 that's hard to top.

"Happy birthday a few days early," Julie said in a phone call. "I found your sister."


The sisters haven't seen each other since 1948 when Christa, 8, and her mother, Elfriede Lubian, left Germany for the United States. Vera, 11, stayed behind with her dead father's parents in war-torn Berlin.

With a little help from Julie's genealogical itch, and a helpful co-worker, the sisters finally will be face to face Monday evening in Berlin.


When the idea "materialised" to go to America, wrote Vera in February 2002, "I decided freely for myself to stay with the grandparents."

Did their mother ever feel "secretly sorry that you two went to America?" Vera asked.

Christa always felt the absence of aunts and uncles and cousins and sisters. "The adults in our life," she wrote to her newfound sister, "did not use very good judgment."

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